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Seeing Drives Innovation
Seeing things differently encourages us to explore different viewpoints. (Reading time: 2 mins) 

Get the picture?
The word “visualisation” is the act of creating a mental image in one’s mind.
​Visual Memory is the process of recalling it. 
(Reading time: 1 min) 

Visual Literacy & Unconscious Bias
Blinded by presumptions. (Reading time: 1 min) 

See Change
You have to SEE it before you can CHANGE it. (Reading time: 1 min) 

Visioning For Your Organisation
Creating, sharing & cultivating your collective vision for 2015. (Reading time: 1 min) 

What is Visual Literacy?
What do we really see and why do we use the word visionary? (Reading time: 2 mins) 

Using The Synergy Program businesses are able to motivate, develop and up-skill employees to increase their performance & communications skills and contribute to the profitability of the organisation.
​This Blog looks at some of our solutions with measurable benefits.

In Australia poor productivity, lack of engagement and inept communication are the leading contributors to project failure within the corporate and government sector.

Interpersonal skills (79%) and communication skills (74%) are viewed as most important when implementing Learning & Development strategies. eLearning is only deemed to be 7% effective in learning and development practices.

Internal communication continues to evolve in a dynamic world characterised by an explosion of new technologies, intense global competition and rapid change. Internal communication is an essential aspect of organisational change; it is the key variable in almost all change efforts, diversity initiatives and motivation. Internal communication is the most fundamental driver of business performance.