This Program addresses:

  • Whole Brain Learning (da Vincian Principles)
  • The Visual Brain (how and what we see)
  • Deductive thinking (convergence and rationalisation) 
  • Expansive thinking (divergence and imagination)
  • Blind Thinking (psychological blocks to seeing new possibilities)
  • Neuroplasticity (Insight & Connections)

What this 90 min opportunity will give you:

  • An understanding of the learning model [simR® Subconscious Image Reinforcement]
  • Discovering how to use visuals and blended learning in your own learning strategy
  • Learn more about the visual mind and neuroplasticity for new thinking, innovation and change 
  • Discover how this method can compliment your current and future PCC & L&D strategy
  • Evaluate the value and benefits of visual literacy internally for future organisational development
  • See and understand the presentation skills of the presenters at

Curious to know how to develop new thinking in your culture? How to generate open-minded and imaginative people who are engaged and adapt well to change? 

To find out, get a team together and book a 90-minute mini-seminar on your premises and let us show you what Visual Learning would look like for your business. You can even hook up via Webinar with other team members nationally.

“The organisations that remain competitive in the future will be those with agile and imaginative staff. Any organisation that fails to open up to visual learning is missing opportunities to improve their staff’s potential to deal imaginatively with future challenges. pioneers learning modalities tailored to enable businesses to move competitively into the future.”

Professor David Alais | School of Psychology | University of Sydney

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