Email is a creative education agency that teaches your staff to open their eyes and open their minds. They learn new communication skills (listening and visual skills), have a respect for diversity, understand the power of inclusion and return to their teams with new ideas, making the workplace more productive, innovative and creative.

Visual communication can easily simplify the formation of ideas, making communication within departments more effective.

We’re about co-creating a culture that embraces diverse ways of thinking, seeing and acting, and we want to co-create that environment with you, with your values and your directives. Our programs teach your people how to understand and how to be understood in their individual, natural and instinctive way.
Meetups are an engaging way to satisfy your teams need for socialisation.

They are an excellent follow-on program to keep your teams creative, thinking and vital. They also help people to decode (understanding and being understood) further integrating verbal pitches with visual pictures.


Our Innovation Courses

Personalised Course Structures • 70: 20: 10 Learning Method 
Modelled on the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People • Whole Brain Learning • Informal Social Learning • Accelerates elearning Effectiveness • Builds Social Structures within the Organisation
Visual and Verbal Communication Skills • Memory Retention Visual Literacy • Unconscious Bias • Creativity • Empathetic Listening • Self Awareness • Visioning & Visualising.

The Neuroscience of Vision

Learn how the brain utilises visual information to create meaning, understand how to use Visual Literacy to inform & engage the workplace; to develop better connections, enhance communication and evolve the innate potential of yourself and others. is an [imagination engineering] organisation working with the visual mind. Programs help people visualise multiple possibilities and create new futures based on what they can see and what they can imagine.

This is the basis of innovation. Seeing new possibilities.

93% of communication is visual, 70% of us are visual thinkers, 50% of our brains are dedicated to processing visual stimuli. It makes sense to teach visual literacy.

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We don't see the world the way that it is, we see it the way that we are.


Visual Learning Resource Centre

93% of participants in the NSW government sector said "I realised how to harness my creative mind and enjoyed using it. I started to see not just look"