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Seeing through the eyes of another

can help you grow

Meetups are an engaging way to satisfy your teams need for cultural socialisation.

Recent research on visual art Led by Edward Vessel at New York University’s Center for Brain Imaging focuses on visual experiences and the brain as well as visual arts’ psychological and physiological effects. It has shown that visual art interventions have stabilising effects on the individual by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection and self-awareness, altering behaviour and thinking patterns, and also by normalising heart rate, blood pressure, & even cortisol levels. Our programs cultivate creative thinking, creative problem solving and create a lasting platform for a genuine paradigm shift; initially in the individual and ultimately in the entire workplace culture.

If creativity is a distinctively human resource we should always be looking for ways of harnessing, recognising and developing it. Building an innovative culture is far more successful when the workplace is trained to think imaginatively.

The creative practitioners at offer expertise in creating surprising or unexpected experiences, and presenting unfamiliar perspectives. 

We enable dialogue and discussion within and about the humanities, art & ideas allowing participants to connect new associations and make sense of experiences. Such time committed to reflection significantly increases learning outcomes from projects and enhances language development and thinking skills.

What we learn becomes p​art of Who We Are.

Meet Ups run for one hour and can allow participation of up to 100 people, they are an excellent way to continue the culture of creativity in your workplace. They open peoples minds and stimulate a sense of curiosity, a vital component for imagination and innovation.

We come to your boardroom and spend time together involving your staff in a visually rich, culturally engaging discussion of the many of histories of art, photography & ideas with particular reference to Australian content, igniting debate, and facilitating participation and life enriching skills.

The lectures run for one hour and organisations are encouraged to allow time for group social participation after the talks to allow staff to engage with each other, reflecting on the talk, expressing their own ideas, listening to others while learning great good stuff in the process.