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The practise of visualisation is not to be experienced as a theoretical process but as a practical one; an intellectual understanding of visualisation will not give you the benefits required to have insights or new-thinking. You need to exercise your imagination to strengthen it and create the realities you want to see reflected in the external mirror called life. uses a process called simR® Subconscious Image Reinforcement which includes an audio component with Alpha Brain Waves - Binaural Beats.

Visual cognitive function happens as two main processes. One is what you choose to see externally (encoding) the other is how you use your visual mind, or your imagination to make sense of your experiences (decoding).

You need to have the courage to play with what is possible, first in the imagination. 

• OPEN -  to new ways of seeing  
• USE -  the imagination to apply new thinking to any situation 
• KEEP - an open mind & new perspective.

simR® Fast-tracks Mindfulness for people who find mediation difficult. Binaural Beats enhance visualisation & relaxation.

Binaural beats cause the brain of the listener to adjust its dominant frequency to match the frequency of the binaural beat. This is what is known as the “frequency following response”.

While in a state of alpha relaxation, the mind is quite clear and receptive to information, learning is accelerated and one’s sense of creativity is enhanced.

How does Visual Learning and simR® work?

simR® Subconscious Image Reinforcement is a visual based mechanism whereby mental pictures connect to form new associations. It is a process of seeing, imagining and remembering, all faculties of The Visual Mind. The method opens, uses and keeps new associations resulting in new connections.