Duration:  Four week program in Visual Associations & Connections
(3 hours per week over 4 weeks - total of 12 tutorial hours).
Thematic: Learning to see, building neural associations for more innovative departments. ​Building verbal pitches that correspond with visual pictures. 

Imagine if you could develop teams to synergise and build a reality based on your vision.

Enhanced observational skills • Improved verbal skills • Better problem solving • Enhanced ability to think simplistically • Self-expression and ordering of ideas • Helping participants associate images with concepts • Learning to listen without an intent to reply or be right • Improved capacity to develop powerful concepts and solutions • Connecting Concepts.

Curious to know how to develop new thinking in your culture? How to generate open-minded and imaginative people who are engaged and adapt well to change? 


Speak with us to design and co-create a program to suit your Change Management, Diversity & Inclusion,  People & Culture or New-Thinking requirements. If you are looking to make your workplace more innovative and imaginative contact us below.

To find out, get a team together and book a 90-minute mini-seminar on your premises and let us show you what Visual Learning would look like for your business.

Duration:     One day course
Thematic:    Using the imagination to fuel new-thinking. Sitting with well with uncertainty.
Maximun Participants: Training for up to 20 people per session/day to develop:

​The Visual Mind • Visual Thinking • Visual Memory • Visual Mapping • Potentiality • Mindfulness • Visualisation • Imagination • Heuristics • da Vincian Priciples • Blind Thinking • Ambiguity
​What if both yourself and the people you are responsible for were able to use the visual mind to more effectively visualise the desired end-game, use the imagination to sit with the discomfort of uncertainty for long enough to re-calculate a more innovative path? What if you could teach people to use their imagination to solve problems?​

“Training was great, I had a few light bulb moments. It was a really valuable tool that we should/need to take more effort to cultivate”
Participant - Australian Federal Government

Exciting Innovative Programs that Expand Possibility 

88% of participants in the NSW State Government sector stated
​“I felt comfortable having my own opinion and vision and learning how to share it” and 93% of participants changed their view of a given situation.

5.    MEET-UPS
Duration: Five week program (1 hour sitting at a time)

Thematic: An engaging way to satisfy your teams need for cultural socialisation.

What we learn becomes p​art of Who We Are.

Meet Ups run for one hour and can allow participation of up to 100 people, they are an excellent way to continue the culture of creativity in your workplace. They open minds and stimulate a sense of curiosity, a vital component for imagination and innovation.

This Program addresses:

  • Whole Brain Learning (da Vincian Principles)
  • The Visual Brain (how and what we see)
  • Deductive thinking (convergence and rationalisation) 
  • Expansive thinking (divergence and imagination)
  • Blind Thinking (psychological blocks to seeing new possibilities)
  • Neuroplasticity (Insight & Connections)

Duration:  Three hour program in Visual Thinking. 
Thematic: Learning to draw out connections from the visual cortex/mind.
Maximum Participants: Training for up to 10 people per session to  develop:

The Visual Mind • Visual Thinking • Visual Mapping • Visualisation

Learning to see connections, combine, gather, store and recombine ideas. Use the visual mind to simplify, clarify and expand thinking.

“Wonderful session. Useful both professionally and personally”
Participant - Australian Federal Government

If your strategies have left you wanting perhaps its time to try a new solution to an old problem. Design thinking would ask you to identify what employees want first, and work up from there. The research overwhelmingly concludes its creativity, personal benefits associated with learning, social engagement, and critical skills for problem solving and communication. 93% of all that we understand is visual, we have to take this seriously.

​Choose from one of our 5 COURSES in Visual Literacy & Imagination and follow up with a program called "Meet-Ups" to keep your people visually engaged. You can also design your own based on your values, directives and desired end-game co-creating with your L&D, OD PCC departments.

Start with a Blast!

Duration: Two day course
Thematic: Neuroplasticity, Visual Cortex, Potentiality, and the relationship to creativity. Imagination.

Maximun Participants: Training for up to 20 people per course to develop:
If you are interested in learning how the brain utilises visual information to create, or want to understand how to use visual literacy to inform, develop & engage what is possible; if you want to better develop connections & enhance your ability to picture for yourself new ideas or just use your imagination more often this is the course for you, your teams and your organisations. 
Over two days we cover how we see, what we see, what we don’t see, all of which are seemingly external. We will also develop our imaginations: what we see in the minds eye, how we see with our visual minds, what we won’t see without the imagination, all of which are seemingly internal.

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