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Learn how the brain utilises visual information to create
meaning, understand how to use
Visual Literacy to inform & engage the workplace; to develop better connections, enhance communication and evolve the innate potential of yourself and others. 

Please join us for this workshop and networking breakfast at
​The Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia in Sydney to learn more about why Visual Literacy is so important for
Workplace Culture, Learning & Development.


What do we see & how does that inform 
​how we think & operate?

90% of all that we understand is visual, 50% of our brains are involved in visual processing, the brain processes visuals in 250 milliseconds - 60,000 times faster than text; yet how many of us are harnessing this skill for ourselves & for the development of the people we are responsible for educating & leading? What is the cost of not doing this?

One third of our brain, the visual cortex learns from experience, & self-organises its structure to process visual input resulting in cognition, personal association, questioning, speculating, analysing, fact-finding, categorising & decision making.

How we see, rather than what we see, determines our behaviour.

This workshop & networking breakfast will test your interpretation of the world around you. Examine your unconscious bias with visual tricks, optical illusions, selective focus, & discover how to use Subconscious Image Reinforcement (simR™) to change the way you communicate with and understand others. Explore how differently others perceive the same image to form a comprehensive understanding of the need for visual literacy in the development of human potential & how vital it is in nurturing a more diverse & inclusive environment.