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Imagination is one of the country’s most underrated business assets, shaping what you perceive and believe and in turn what you conceive and implement. Join Professor David Alais (neuroscience) and Kelly-Ann Denton (visual language) to explore the creative possibilities inherent in The Visual Mind and how it can enhance your vision and leadership.

This workshop and networking breakfast is an opportunity to learn about imagination and to demystify the ambiguity surrounding it. Insight need not be elusive: the neural processes are understood and can be trained in anyone. With the right programming, you can develop a more insightful, imaginative and visionary mind.

Today, imagination is the most important leadership skill for differentiating your business from your competitors. Your company's success depends on how you – and the partners you choose – engage creatively with challenges to imagine outcomes and opportunities. Before committing your training budgets to the quest for creativity and innovation, the foundations must first be laid. From imagination, creativity and innovation will follow.

Neuroplasticity, The Imagination & The Workplace: 
A leaders guide to Innovation 

Please join us for this workshop and networking breakfast at
​The Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia in Sydney to allow us to show you what you need to know to take advantage of the imaginative mind and how to prepare your people for achieving richly imagined outcomes that will position your company for a more competitive future.