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Dr David White is a research fellow at UNSW studying the cognitive processes engaged when we identify faces. He has collaborated on a range of applied and theoretical problems related to visual cognition, including distinctiveness in package design and perception of banknote security features. Current work in collaboration with the Australian Passport Office seeks to improve the accuracy of face identification in the workplace.

Kelly-Ann Denton guides universities, government, not for profit, international corporations as well as individuals in Visual Literacy. With a research Masters in Visual Art, Kelly-Ann Denton has developed programs that connect individuals and organisations to their visual mind(sets), working with the unconscious and using simR™ [Subsconscious Image Reinforcement]. Visual language skills and visioning helps organisations and individuals create desired futures, and engage in bringing about positive and predetermined change. Learning to make thoughts visible, and create the synergy for meaningful conversation, critical thinking & self awareness brings insights & new ideas into sharper focus. This directive builds the structures required for imagination.

Who we are and what we know.

David Alais is professor of experimental psychology at the University of Sydney with twenty years’ experience in studying how the brain combines the senses into a vision of the external world. His particular interests are in understanding how the brain deals with ambiguity and gaps in knowledge when building its perception of the world. Professor Alais spent a decade working overseas in the USA, France and Italy with world leaders in the field of perception and sensory neuroscience and heads an active multisensory research group in Sydney studying vision, touch and hearing.

Alasdair Foster has twenty years’ experience heading national arts institutions and over thirty-five years of working in the public cultural sector. A Sydney-based writer and award-winning curator, he currently runs an international consultancy that initiates intercultural art and photography projects globally. He has recently completed a nine-year multi-disciplinary research project exploring alternative approaches to arts policy formation with a focus on the creative empowerment of citizens and communities.