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S1_Imagination as a Way of Knowing

In this S1 course Imagination is identified as a ‘missing piece’ in educational theory. You will be invited to participate In a conversational exchange between key pedagogical ideas which have been trialled in Steiner schools over the last century, current neuroscience research findings, and more recent theories of imaginative education.
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Meet your teacher

Bronwen Haralambous

Bronwen is an Adjunct and Sessional Lecturer in the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). She is a Director of Heartwood (Site for Transformative Arts, Culture and Science), and works as a Research Consultant for Steiner Education Australia (SEA). At present Bronwen is co-directing a research project into Steiner Graduate Outcomes that is funded by SEA and run through USC.

The content of the courses in the S1 to S7 series has been developed and refined over a period of 10 years of teaching and curriculum writing in a Steiner High School, followed by a further 10 year period of tertiary study and teaching, and doctoral research in a wide range of subject areas including imagination theory, counselling and psychotherapy, and teachers’ research and professional learning. During this latter period Bronwen further developed her curriculum writing skills by designing postgraduate courses in Steiner Education and by writing the Academic Foundations Paper and the High School English Curriculum for the Australian Steiner Curriculum. Re-imagining Steiner’s philosophy of imagination in the contemporary context is the focus that ties Bronwen’s various career pathways together.
Patrick Jones - Course author