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V10_Buthi Storybook

Welcome to Buthi Storybook! The word Buthi means little in the Dhunghutti language. This program is a cross-cultural program providing engaging activities for Early Learning.

The activities in Buthi Storybook are underpinned by Aboriginal pedagogy, particularly the 8 Ways of Learning. The 4 Cs - Critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration come together with the 8 Ways.

With a focus on visual learning, symbolism and metaphor the program imparts knowledge about First Nations peoples and practices.

Buthi Storybook often uses the Dhunghutti language. This is an example only. You, as the teacher, can use your local language. If you don’t know it or don’t feel confident about using it, you can collaborate with your Community Elders and/or your local Aboriginal Land Council.

The program investment is per classroom and contains activities for the year including all materials.
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Watch the intro below
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This course runs for 11 hours in total. There are video tutorials, Workbooks, colouring in sheets and Dhunghutti Language Practice.

Access to the course

Individual teachers may enrol or Head Teachers/ Principals can contact to invest in multiple enrolments prior to commencing the online learning.

How to learn

After enrolment, watch the instruction videos to get an idea for the narrative and outcome of the Activity. Download the Workbook for the particular Module. Watch the Dhunghutti Language Practice so that you can help the children pronounce language when they watch and learn from the language modules. Learn the songs from the audio visuals and help the children learn them too. 

What comes with the course?

• 13 x Video Tutorials
• 10x Workbooks
• 10 x Dhunghutti Language Practice 
* 9 Unique Songs
• Community Access to grow and collaborate
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