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Steiner Methodology

Who will benefit from this course?

Teachers and School Leaders in all kinds of schools, all subject areas, at all grade levels

Expand students' imagination!

Creative Schools need imaginative teachers. Learn to understand the Imagination!

How will I learn?

Watch the videos Practice the exercises in the Workbook – Learn in your own time & way.

What's it all about?

Imagination in Education through the lens of Steiner Pedagogy. Neuroscience & Current Theories

The Need for Imagination

Current educational goals emphasise the importance of Critical Thinking and Creativity in the future. An ability to imagine the future is the key to knowing how to plan for it and how to meet it.
What is this course about?
In this S1 course Imagination is identified as a ‘missing piece’ in educational theory. You will be invited to participate In a conversational exchange between key pedagogical ideas which have been trialled in Steiner schools over the last century, current neuroscience research findings, and more recent theories of imaginative education.
Why a Steiner lens?
Steiner education is described as a PEDAGOGY OF IMAGINATION which supports the integrated development of HEAD, HEART AND HANDS.
Unravelling the mind-body knot
We will puzzle over the question of how we know and the role that Imagination plays in the lighting up of new and creative ideas. We will explore how mindful and contemplative practices can help us to grow our Imaginations.