A visual learning unit for understanding 
and appreciating figurative language

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The program uses practical and engaging classroom activities utilising visual learning. 

The Peach Project promotes innovative thinking and development of higher order skills through emotional engagement and creating curiosity.


Every English teacher needs an engaging and accessible way to teach figurative language. The Peach Project is a Visual Learning program that enables students to de-code figurative language. It uses poetry but is transferrable to any text type using figurative language.

Concept & Pedagogy
From teacher to student
The project is concept based and once students apply the concept, they have the capacity to apply the formula to other text types. The program encourages critical and creative thinking. 
Skills of Application
Practical resources
 The project helps teachers help students to recognise patterns and interpret them. Students then make new connections and develop skills of application. They will increase their ability to interpret and make meaning of literary devices. The program is adaptable to your class and their level of learning.  
Classroom Activities
Methods & Visualisation
 The program is an intrinsic motivator for interpretive skill building. It contains hands-on classroom activities designed to take students to the mind-mapping stage of problem solving using a concept-based method.