Guest Speaking


We'll come to your event!

If your team, school or workplace would benefit from understanding more about visual learning, imagination development, critical and creative thinking - then let us know. You can have a 90min Blast or design your own learning.
Past events delivers brand new pedagogy based on the latest research, and best practice in creative and critical thinking. 

Guest speaking conducted by  Kelly-Ann Denton (Chief Visual Officer) Professor David Alais - Neuroscientist.

Top right, Kelly-Ann Denton, (above Kelly-Ann Denton and Eddie Woo, Left: Hon. Minister Dominello MP and Kelly-Ann Denton; Below Vivid 2015, Kelly-Ann Denton ,Professor David Alais, Dr David White  and Professor Alasdair Foster.

A Blast will give you a comprehensive understanding of:

• The Visual Mind and why it is so important for creative thinking.
• Imagination: (Where it is located in the brain. Also, how to use it)
• Creativity (vs Imagination & Innovation)
• Blocks to Imagination and how to see them (How this effects Critical Thinking)
• The Process Driven Teacher vs The Imaginative Teacher
• Creative Problem Solving
• Critical Thinking • Creativity • Collaboration • Communication
• Visual Literacy

You can even invite parents!