Aboriginal Language Acquisition in Early Learning

Jo Tuscano & Dorsey Smith
V10_Buthi Storybook is a series of activities providing online classroom activities for pre-school and Early Learning.

The activities in this program are underpinned by Aboriginal Pedagogy, specifically the 8 Ways of Learning, and the 4C’s.  

The learning has a strong emphasis on visual/ spatial skills and oral methodology.
cross-cultural 21 st century skills for early learning

The 4C's and the 8 Ways

The 8 Ways come together in an innovative, cross-cultural, narrative driven learning map that focuses on pedagogy that is collaborative, imaginative, playful and that enhances language acquisition. It also builds a neural-linguistic skill base and respect for land, environment and culture.

The fusion of the 8 Ways, along with other traditional methods including the 4C’s, gives all children the opportunity to learn from 8 interconnected pedagogies that enhance their Learning experience and build a solid skill base for future learning.

The activities in V10_Buthi Storybook are designed to give teachers the pedagogy and resources they need to be successful in the classroom with the 4 C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration and The 8 Ways.

Learning Outcomes

We believe that all Australians benefit from unique aspects of Aboriginal education. A broader understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander practices starting in school helps with abstract thinking and imaginative outcomes. These directives are critical 21st century skills.

Visual Spatial Skills

  • Visuospatial skill building (8 Ways)
  • Develops spatial temporal reasoning (8 Ways)
  • Builds visual literacy & transference skills (8 Ways)
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Spatial reasoning (8 Ways)
  • Discriminating between visual data (8 Ways)
  • Visual spatial perception (8 Ways)

Creativity & Imagination

  • Creativity (4C)
  • Symbolic understanding (8 Ways)
  • Creative play (4C) 
  • Supports play and imagination (8 Ways)
  •  Builds problem solving skills (8 Ways)
  • Prediction skills (rhyming lines)
  • Builds gross motor skills through physical role play
  • Supports fine motor skills
© Artist: Dorsey Smith

Sensory Textural Skills

  • Experience textural elements (8 Ways)
  • Heightens sensory processing (8 Ways)
  • Listening skills (8 Ways)
  • Supports identification and association of sounds
  • Builds aural processing skills

Community & Culture

  • Supports bi-lingual learning (8 Ways)
  • Builds vocabulary/phonological awareness (8Ways)
  • Sense of community (8 Ways)
  • Fosters collaborative learning (4C)
  • Narrative skills (8 Ways)
  • Communication (4C)
  • Experience textual elements (8 Ways)
  • Cultural information about food (8 Ways)
    Builds confidence in cultural heritage (8 Ways)